We have chosen for this site a sober and clear lay-out so that the visitor’s attention can focus unimpeded on the content.

Therefore we have tried to avoid all advertisements popping up on the site. It is not our goal to have you chased by dresses or cars you ever looked up. This approach also means that we have no income from advertisements at all.

That is wy we offer to a select number of businesses or organizations the possibility to sponsor us.

A sponsoring business has the advantage of exclusivity in its section. This means that we limit the sponsoring to 1 business per section of services or materials sale. Furthermore each business is allowed every 3 months to present a project linked to their activity. We only want to work with businesses which work in a responsible and sustainable way. This is also a guarantee towards our visitors. Each sponsor will also be present on our Dutch blog/site which is already running.

If you are a business, interested in sponsoring our initiative and having your logo permanently visible on our site, you can contact us using the contact form. You will then receive from us all information regarding the engagement we ask from a sponsor and the engagement that we take on from our side.

We want to thank very much all businesses which believe in our initiative and are prepared to support us financially.


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