Our cultural heritage consists of very rich collections that have informative, historical and artistic value. Just as language, cultural heritage is part of the identity of the community that gave birth to it. It is like a mirror in which communities can reflect, recognizing their own image, searching and finding the basis of their identity over time.

Cultural heritage is a link between past, present and future. It is the cement that reinforces a community. It provides stability, the necessary self confidence that allows economical, social and cultural prospering and evolution.

Cultural heritage includes as well material as immaterial heritage, but the physical form of cultural heritage is often the only one remaining long after a civilization is gone or assimilated by a larger entity.

We want to focus here in the first place on the material heritage which is so diverse that we need to divide it in several categories, even if these are not perfect.

To have a better understanding of and a better grip on collection care we are looking in the first place to the composition, the deterioration and the preventive conservation of material collections.

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Foto: "George Washington" - Giuseppe Perovani